Friday, May 30, 2008

Midiboy - Midi Jungle (1989)

This was produced by Nelson & Raul Iglesias, with additional work from some of the regulars at Cutting Records. The Congapella contains samples from the late Rodney Dangerfield and his trademark "No Respect" routine.

Extended Club Mix
Midi Edits
Midi Dub

Latin Express - Brooklyn Knight (1995)

This release comes from my neck of the woods. It came out in 1995 on DFO Records. The 90.7 Radio is a reference to WTCC 90.7 FM (Springfield Technical Community College). They have been playing freestyle on Thursday and Friday nights for like 20 years on the Clubhouse Dance Music show. Check the program schedule and listen here.

Brooklyn Bounce Club Mix
Puerto Rico Bound Mix
90.7 Radio Degrees Mix
Voices In Ya Head-Acapella

Fascination - Go Away (1988)

This track features backing vocals from Lydia "Lee" Love and Nocera, written and produced by Carlos Keyes and Angelo Russo. Sorry for the sloppy scans but I tried to Photoshop out some of the stuff I had written on the labels.

Club Mix
4-T-5 Edit
Dub Away

Thursday, May 29, 2008

REQ: The Latin Rascals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (1988)

By request, the house remix by C+C of The Latin Rascals version of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. This was the only mix I have Melvin, so hopefully it is the one you are looking for. I know the Santa Esmerelda version had yet another remix that was recently put out by Granite & Sugarman. I'll post it if you want it.

The Latin Rascals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (House Remix)

REQ: Denine - I Remember You (1993)

By request, this was the first release on the Metropolitan Records sub-label Viper 7 in 1993. It is basically an Adam Marano production, just like all the others. Either I recieved a bad pressing or the B side mixes are incorrectly labeled. There are no "bonus beats" on the record, both mixes are 'pellas. The first mix contains the 1st half of the chorus, and the second mix contains the 2nd half. You may as well piece them both together because that's how they were supposed to be pressed.

Power 96 Mix
New School Mix
Miami Bonus Beats

Daize - Girl (1989)

This was the first release from Upstairs Records in 1989. It features Bobby Bejines on the vocals.

West Coast Mix
Upstairs Beat
East Coast Mix
Radio Mix

Poll Results: Host Providers

It seems most people picked Zshare and MediaFire as their preferred file hosting site. I have used each and found them both to be inconsistent as far as the upload and download speeds are concerned. I assume most people like them because they seem to have relatively few download limits and no character verification. I personally like Rapidshare and Megaupload because the speeds seem to be more reliable in my experience. And they work extremely well with a d/l manager if you purchase an account.

With that said, I am moving from TinyLoad and giving Sharebee a try. Sharebee will post to RS and MU along with ZS. So I hope that works for the majority of folks who visit. If not, give me a shout.

Crazy Ivan - Mozart's Revenge (1993)

Okay, so this is not freestyle, but Stevie B. was the executive producer. Taking a page from The Latin Rascals and their Bach To The Future project, this release puts a techno-freestyle spin on Mozart.

Radio Mix
Psycho Kopas Mix
Secret Mix
Extended Mix

Thursday, May 15, 2008

X-Mix Pack - Part Five (Final)

And here is the final installment.

Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart
TKA - One Way Love
Various Artists - Miami Heatwave Rewind Medley (Part 1)
Various Artists - Miami Heatwave Rewind Medley (Part 2)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

X-Mix Pack - Part Four

Here's part four of this collection. There will be one more to follow. Like the Lina mixes, there are two different versions for Shannon.

Shannon - Let The Music Play
Shannon - Let The Music Play
Shavonne - So Tell Me Tell Me
Stevie B. - Party Your Body
Stevie B. - Spring Love

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

X-Mix Pack - Part Three

Here's another group of mixes. Note: The Lina Santiago mixes are two different versions from two different releases.

K7 - Body Rock
Lina Santiago - Feels So Good
Lina Santiago - Feels So Good
No Mercy - Where Do You Go
Nolan Thomas - Yo Little Brother
Rockell - I Fell In Love
Rockell ft. Collage - Can't We Try
Seduction - Heartbeat

Margie Martineé - Leave Me This Way (Why Oh Why?) (1991)

Metropolitan Records release from 1991 featuring Margie Martineé.

Club Mix This Way
Radio 7"
2nd Self Dub
Old School Drumapella

Gino Latino - Welcome b/w Yo (1989)

Produced by Claudio Cecchetto and Jovanotti. This was the Harbor Light release from 1989.

Welcome (Long Version)
Welcome (Radio Version)
Yo (Long Version)
Yo (Radio Version)

X-Mix Pack - Part Two

Here is part two of the X-Mix collection.

Expose - Point Of No Return
Freeze - I.O.U.
Jacqui Cenci - Memories
Jellybean - Sidewalk Talk
Jocelyn Enriquez - Do You Miss Me
Jocelyn Enriquez - I've Been Thinking About You
Joyce Sims - All And All

X-Mix Pack - Part One

Here's the 1st part of an X-Mix freestyle pack. I think I may have already posted the Alisha mix in the past, but it should be the first time for the others.

Since I'm having issues with the multi-upload sites, these are all on RapidShare. I'll try and get additional links up at another time.

2 In A Room - El Trago (The Drink)
Alisha - Too Turned On
Angelina - Release Me
Angelina - Without Your Love
Collage - Love Of A Lifetime
Corina - Now That You're Gone
Corina - Summertime Summertime

Monday, May 12, 2008

Britney Spears vs. Stevie B. - Gimme More Spring Love (Lethal Weapon)

This came out last year as part of the Lethal Weapon mashup series. It's a nice mix for those who haven't heard it.

Gimme More Spring Love (RS)
Gimme More Spring Love (ZS)
Gimme More Spring Love (MU)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Concept Of One - Concept Of One (1993)

This is from the vinyl promo, which does not include the singles released by Noel and Tony Moran, The Question and Dance With Me. Maybe I'll post those separately if there is an interest. This may as well have been called Concept Of Tony Moran because he wrote, produced and performed most of the tracks.

Brenda K. Starr - So In Love (RS)
Brenda K. Starr - So In Love (ZS)
Brenda K. Starr - So In Love (MU)

Christian DeCotto - Got The Love (RS)
Christian DeCotto - Got The Love (ZS)
Christian DeCotto - Got The Love (MU)

The Latin Rascals - Saving All My Love (RS)
The Latin Rascals - Saving All My Love (ZS)
The Latin Rascals - Saving All My Love (MU)

The Latin Rascals - We've Only Just Begun (RS)
The Latin Rascals - We've Only Just Begun (ZS)
The Latin Rascals - We've Only Just Begun (MU)

System 3 - Spend My Life With You (RS)
System 3 - Spend My Life With You (ZS)
System 3 - Spend My Life With You (MU)

The Latin Rascals - The Way She Moves (RS)
The Latin Rascals - The Way She Moves (ZS)
The Latin Rascals - The Way She Moves (MU)

Tony Moran - Would You Like To Get Together (RS)
Tony Moran - Would You Like To Get Together (ZS)
Tony Moran - Would You Like To Get Together (MU)

Repost: Janice - Bye-Bye (1986)

By request, a repost from the old site. All production by Irvin Lee.

Extended (RS)
Extended (ZS)
Extended (MU)
Instrumental (RS)
Instrumental (ZS)
Instrumental (MU)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Samantha - Be Sure (1994)

1994 release from the Tazmania crew, with Bobby Delante and Rob Federici handling the production duties.

Club Mix
Radio Mix
Bonus Beats

The Crew ft. Freedom Williams - Get Dumb! (Free Your Body) (1990)

A classic release from the C + C crew in 1990. The bassline on this track is so funky. Produced and mixed by Robert and David of course, and the list of credits goes on and on with a who's who of the music industry at the time.

The Clivilles/Cole Club Mix
The Clivilles/Cole Master Mix
The Hip House Bonus Beats

Davey Boi - In My Dreams (199x)

This was released in the early 90's (I think) on Sweet-Nuff Records. Produced by Tony and Ulysses Sankitts. All these years and I just realized that's a drawing of a naked woman on the cover.

There seemed to be some issues with TinyLoad the other day, so I added direct links to RapidShare as well.
Club Version
Club Version
Radio Version
Radio Version
Dream Version
Dream Version
In My Dreamapella
In My Dreamapella

Monday, May 5, 2008

Paris By Air - C'Mon And Dance With Me (1990)

A Lewis A. Martineé production from 1990.

Crossover Mix
Hiptown Mix
Housetown Mix
Singtown Mix

Pure Pleazure ft. Denisha - In And Out Of Love (1994)

Another Pure Pleazure release on Tazmania Records from 1994. This was a duet with Denisha Torado.

Slammin' Miami Mix
Club Mix
Radio Edit

Pure Pleazure - When Will U Come Back 2 Me (1994)

Produced by Mike Ferullo and Anthony Ponzio for Tazmania Records in 1994. Lead vocals by Mykle Astorga and Jose Rodriguez.

Hot Miami Mix
Radio Mix
Street Mix

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Estee - All Because Of You (1998)

Produced by Manny Mohr and JJ Flores for Joey Gardner's Timber! label in 1998. The freestyle mixes are on the second vinyl (C & D).

A1 All Because Of You (BK Dano Raise The Roof Mix)
A2 All Because Of You (Kissamour Mix)
B1 All Because Of You (Mortadella Mix)
B2 All Because Of You (J.J. & Manny's Club Mix)
C1 All Because Of You (Harlem Knight's Retro Electro Mix)
C2 All Because Of You (Harlem Knight's Electropella)
D1 All Because Of You (Cre8tivator Mix)
D2 All Because Of You (Harlem Knight's Mixshow Edit)

A Mixes
B Mixes
C Mixes
D Mixes

Friday, May 2, 2008

Wicked Mix: Raw Beats Vol. 35 (Uptempo Edition) (1998)

This service primarily puts out Hip-Hop/R&B remixes, but occasionally throws in some Freestyle and House. As the name implies, these are simply "raw beats" with no vocals except for maybe the hook. There are a few freestyle/electro tracks in this issue.

A1 And The Beat Goes On (2:07)
A2 Tour De France Beats (2:20)
A3 Release Yourself Beats (2:20)
A4 Rock City Bad Beats (2:11)
A5 On Your Mind Beats (2:37)
A6 Visage Beats (2:28)

B1 I Hear Music Beats (2:59)
B2 Numerum Beats (3:05)
B3 American Soviets (3:14)
B4 Play Beats At Your Own Risk (3:26)
B5 All Ready Fresh 2 Beats (2:30)
B6 Jamming Beats (2:35)

A Side
B Side

Laura Enea - Catch Me Now (1994)

This was produced by Mauro DeSantis and Jerry Melillo for Next Plateau records.

(Club Edit)
(Extended Mix)
(Club Mix)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cyré - Last Chance (1987 vs. 2006)

The original club mix vs. the re-release from a few years ago. The beat from the newer version sounds very similar to the Club 69 (Peter Rauhofer) mixes of Strong Enough by Cher. Hmmmm... Oh yeah, and she looks hot!

Cyré - Last Chance (Club Version)
DJ Animal ft. Cyré - Last Chance 2006

Collage - I'll Be Loving You (X-Mix)

Remix of the re-release of I'll Be Loving You on Amathus from last year.

I'll Be Loving You (X-Mix)

REQ: Rainy Davis - Sweetheart (1986)

By request, B-side mixes from 1986.

Sweetheart (Dub)
Sweetheart (Bonus Beats)