Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(REPOST) Noella - Lonely Days (1987)

Reposting this for the request in the shout box.

Club Mix
Radio Mix
Dub Mix
Berrios Beats
All Mixes (27 MB)

Brenda K. Starr - Pickin' Up Pieces (1985)

This is from 1985 and was produced by Arthur Baker. It was on Brenda's first album called I Want Your Love. If anyone happens to have that album, send me a message.

Vocal-Long Version
Dub Mix
All Mixes (22 MB)

Tina Elise - Open To You

I can't remember exactly when this one came out, but it was probably in the early-mid 90's and released on After Dark records . It was written by Ron Esco and Wilson Yepez who also produced the track with Adam Kiss. I love the housey feel to the track, reminds me a little of Todd Terry. Only thing that is missing are the Berrios Beats...

Club Version
Dub Version
Bonus Beats
All Mixes (26 MB)

Monday, October 27, 2008

(REQ) Sequal - It's Not Too Late (1985)

By request, this was the first hit for Sequal released in 1985 on Joey Boy records. It was produced by my all-time favorite freestyle producer, Lewis Martineé.

Not Too Late To Dub
All Mixes (25 MB)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Noel - Change (1989)

This track was written by Noel and Paul Robb from Information Society and produced by Roman Ricardo and Vito Bruno. It was remixed by one of my fave DJ's from the 80's/90's, David Morales.

Club Mix
Dub Mix
7'' Mix
Garage Mix
Bonus Beats
All Mixes (51 MB)

Wicked Mix: Raw Beats Vol. 30 (Uptempo Edition) (1997)

Another one from the Raw Beats collection with a few electro beats included along with some Chic, Man Parrish, Prince and Salt N Pepa.

Hip Hop Be Bop Beats
What's Up Beats
Looking For A Perfect Beats
Unfaithful Beats
Good Times Beats
Rockin' Down Beats
A Side Mixes (27 MB)

Boom In It! Beats
Boogie Down Beats
Erotic Beats
These Things Happen Beats
Do You Really Want Beats
Egyptian Beats
B Side Mixes (29 MB)

Monday, October 20, 2008

(REQ) Jellybean - Just A Mirage (ft. Adele Bertei) b/w Mirage (ft. India) (1988)

This was one of the those records were the B side track took on a life of its own and went on to become a cult classic. I'm sure a great deal of it had to do with the fact that nobody could understand what the hell India was saying. The song Just A Mirage was produced by Jellybean and written by Adele and Toni Colandreo. On the flip side, Mirage (Dancers Dream) was produced by Jellybean and co-mixed with Little Louie Vega. It was written by Jellybean and Louie along with the Kiss Connection, Danny & Victor Vargas of 2 Without Hats/Rare Arts fame. I would love to see the original lyric sheet for this song.

Just A Mirage (Extended Dance Mix)
Just A Mirage (Dub Mix)
Mirage (Dancers Dream) (Extended Dance Mix)
Mirage (Dancers Dream) (Hearthrobs Bonus Beats)
All Mixes (44 MB)

(REQ) Raiana Paige - You're My Only Man (1993)

This one was produced, mixed, arranged and of course edited by the great Carlos Berrios, and co-written with longtime partner Franc Reyes. The B side mixes include production work by Franc, Tommy Musto, Eddie Frente and Victor Simonelli. She obviously moved in a totally different musical direction with kHz, but she still looks hot.

Righteous Club Mix
Way After Dark Mix
Bona Fide Beats
T.M.V.S. Underground Mix
R&B Mix
Spanish R&B Mix
All Mixes (47 MB)

C-Bank ft. Eleanore Mills - Get Wet (1983)

I think C-Bank originally started out as a studio project by the legendary John Robie using different session singers, including Jenny Burton and Eleanore Mills who was the vocalist on this particular track. It was released in 1983 on Next Plateau.

A Side Mix
B Side Mix
All Mixes (33 MB)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yolanda Milla - Never Say Never

I think this was released around 1990. It was produced by Jeff Mann and Marco Olivo.

Dance Mix
Edited Radio Mix
House Mix
All Mixes (38 MB)

Timmy T. - What Will I Do (1990)

This was released in 1990 by Timmy T. He reminds me of Stevie B. in that he often wrote and produced most of his own material.

Dance Mix
Radio Mix
Dub Mix
All Mixes (20 MB)

(REQ) C-Bank ft. Eleanore Mills - Nightmare Of A Broken Heart (1986)

This was produced by Bruce Forest and released in 1986 on Next Plateau. Big thanks to NJDJ for the upload!

Duet w/Larry Woo **link has been fixed, thanks again NJDJ**
Bonus Beats
Short Version
Dub Version

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

(REQ) Corina - Give Me Back My Heart (House) (1989)

By request, the house remixes of Give Me Back My Heart from 1989.

Extended Club House Mix
Dub House Mix
Dirty House Mix
Dirty Dub
All Mixes (46 MB)

Link Updates

It's been awhile since I added any new links, but here are a few worth checking out if you haven't come across them already.

The first is Jean-Marc's site from France. I know Carlos Berrios calls himself the king of freestyle, but this guy is poised to take the throne. He has a huge collection already posted on Multiply, many of them rare and hard to find tracks. The blog site is new so there isn't much up yet. You need to create an account on Multiply to use that service and send Jean-Marc an invitation request to be added as a contact.

Blogger Site
Multiply Site

Next up is Marlon's site from NYC. He's only been posting for a few months but has been uploading like a mad man. He already has a ton of stuff online.

Freestyle Lives

One from Brazil where I think his name is Marcelinho. The site is written in Portuguese but there are enough pictures to make things clear and all of the links are in English.

Nação Freestyle

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nadia - Untruelover (1991)

This was from 1991 on Fourth Floor Records. Produced by Andre Estrada and Mundo Muzique with edits by Phenix.

Club Version
Radio Edit
Revelation Dub
All Mixes (32 MB)

Jocelyn Enriquez - Big Love (1994)

I have to admit I was hoping for more with the house mixes, but they were average at best. This was produced by Glenn Gutierrez and Mario Agustin for Classified records.

Ver. 2.0x
RhythmSentric Mix
DJ MIDIMACK's Club Wild Remix
Freestyle Mix
Friday's Club Mix
Uncle Fred's Orient Express Mix
All Mixes (58 MB)

AVP ft. Willie Valentin - No Matter What / Marisol - Beginning Of The End

Two different artists, two nice tracks. Willie Valentin provides the vocals on the A side and handles production duties for both songs while Marisol Arzola sings on the second track. You can't go wrong when Willie's involved. This was released through Artistik and distributed through MicMac records.

No Matter What (Radio Mix)
No Matter What (Club Mix)
No Matter What (Acapella)
Beginning Of The End (Radio Mix)
Beginning Of The End (Club Mix)
Beginning Of The End (Percapella)
Beginning Of The End (Dance Euro Mix)
All Mixes (52 MB)

Jason Tomi - Tell Me Why b/w I Believe In U (1994)

This 2-track mini 12" was released in 1994 on Unda' Ground records. Both tracks were produced by Eddie Frente. The Santana Twins were executive producers and did contributed some edits.

Tell Me Why (Red Moon Mix)
I Believed In U (Believe In Edits)
Tell Me Why (Dark Side Of Miami Mix)
I Believed In U (Back In The Dayz Mix)
All Mixes (31 MB)

(REQ) Latin Express - Can This Be Love / Mystie - External Affairs (1992)

Debbie Deb When I Hear Music (1983)

Another classic which I know everyone already has, but here it is anyway. It's from "Pretty" Tony Butler and Sherman Nealy, the same team behind the hits of Trinere.

All Mixes (22 MB)

Alisha - Baby Talk (1985)

A classic from 1985. This was produced by Mark Berry with additional mix work by the man Shep Pettibone.

Special Remix
Radio Edit
Instrumental Dub
Vocal Dub
All Mixes (37 MB)

Dominica - Love String

Not sure exactly what year this one came out. It was produced by Mickey Garcia and Mohamed Moretta.

Radio Edit
The Right Way Club Mix
Acapella For The 950
Dominica Chant
Mendez & Morettas Calle Ocho Mix
M & M Beats
All Mixes (41 MB)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

(REQ) Laura Enea - This Is The Last Time (1992)

This was produced by Mauro De Santis & Jerry Melillo for Next Plateau records in 1992.

Radio Mix
Bare Bones Mix
Club Mix
Dub Mix
All Mixes (35 MB)

Trinere - I Know You Love Me (1986)

I love all of her material from the Jam Packed era. Everything was pretty much written, produced and mixed by "Pretty" Tony Butler with Sherman Nealy as executive producer. They put out some monster jams during that time.

Vocal Version
Short Vocal Version
All Mixes (26 MB)

Coro - Do Unto Me (1996)

A Carlos Berrios production, this was written by long time partner Franc Reyes with Amado & Aldo Marin acting as the executive producers. The house "trip" mix from the B side was done by George Acosta.

Extended Club Mix
Dub Unto Me
Radio Version
I Believe Trip
Berrios Beats
All Mixes (38 MB)