Monday, October 20, 2008

(REQ) Jellybean - Just A Mirage (ft. Adele Bertei) b/w Mirage (ft. India) (1988)

This was one of the those records were the B side track took on a life of its own and went on to become a cult classic. I'm sure a great deal of it had to do with the fact that nobody could understand what the hell India was saying. The song Just A Mirage was produced by Jellybean and written by Adele and Toni Colandreo. On the flip side, Mirage (Dancers Dream) was produced by Jellybean and co-mixed with Little Louie Vega. It was written by Jellybean and Louie along with the Kiss Connection, Danny & Victor Vargas of 2 Without Hats/Rare Arts fame. I would love to see the original lyric sheet for this song.

Just A Mirage (Extended Dance Mix)
Just A Mirage (Dub Mix)
Mirage (Dancers Dream) (Extended Dance Mix)
Mirage (Dancers Dream) (Hearthrobs Bonus Beats)
All Mixes (44 MB)


Anonymous said...

this is what i call a collector edition cool post. thanxs bigtime! ( dj-ricano )

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