Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wicked Mix: Raw Beats Vol. 30 (Uptempo Edition) (1997)

Another one from the Raw Beats collection with a few electro beats included along with some Chic, Man Parrish, Prince and Salt N Pepa.

Hip Hop Be Bop Beats
What's Up Beats
Looking For A Perfect Beats
Unfaithful Beats
Good Times Beats
Rockin' Down Beats
A Side Mixes (27 MB)

Boom In It! Beats
Boogie Down Beats
Erotic Beats
These Things Happen Beats
Do You Really Want Beats
Egyptian Beats
B Side Mixes (29 MB)


Anonymous said...

I think I bought my copy along with a ton of others, lol, at Norwalk Records in L.A. Once a favorite spot of mine when I visited my brother over there. Classics. Thanks too. My Good Times track was scratched. Goodlookin' out.

-MastrChief07 (forgot my blog PW again.:T )

Anonymous said...

besides freestyle, i love breakbeats , electrofunk , electroboogie. really thanxs for this magnificent post. ( dj-ricano )

Anonymous said...

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