Tuesday, September 30, 2008

(REQ) Leather & Lace ft. Lottie Dah - Rock Me, Shake Me (1986) & Isis - Salsa With Me (1988)

Kenny: Almost forgot about these two. I already had these ripped from awhile back so no scans except for Leather & Lace which I pulled from Discogs. Thanks to mardss for putting up Let Your Body Go in the C-Box.

Isis - Salsa With Me (33 MB)
Leather & Lace - Rock Me, Shake Me (27 MB)
Leather & Lace - Let Your Body Go (34 MB)

Monday, September 29, 2008

(REQ) Nayobe - It's Too Late (1988)

Here's the rest of the Nayobe 12" for It's Too Late. Written and produced by Andy "Panda" Tripoli and Bobby Khozouri with some help from "Little" Louie Vega. I forgot to scan it so you luck out cuz the label's on Discogs.

Club Mix
Edited Club
Dub Mix
Bonus Beats
All Mixes (38 MB)

The Cover Girls - Inside Outside (1988)

This was from 1988, produced Andy "Panda" Tripoli and the Latin Rascals. Edited by Chep Nunez.

Dub 1
Dub 2
All Mixes (42 MB)

Tina Wilde - All I Want Is You (1991)

This was produced by Elis Pacheco and released through TurnStyle/Big Beat in 1991. Sam Savon contributes backing vocals and Omar Santana does his thing on the dub.

12" Wilde Mix
7" Carte Me Mix
Omar's Ill Dub
For House Sake Komix
Sama's House Edit
All Mixes (45 MB)

Nice 'N Wild - Infatuation (1995)

This was released in 1995 and I never knew about it :) I ended up finding this at a used record store a few years ago for fifty cents.

Extended Vocal Mix
Radio Edit
Vocoder Mix
All Mixes (33 MB)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Miguel Reyes - Those Were The Times (1994)

A nice song co-written by Miguel with Anthony Ponzio and Mike Ferullo who produced the record. This was from 1994 on Tazmania Records.

Club Mix
Radio Mix
Miami Mix
All Mixes (31 MB)

Shana - I Want You (1989)

I have to admit I wasn't a big fan of this song when I first got it, but it grew on me the more I heard it. It was written and produced by Steve Gordon.

Miami/Club Remix
Radio Remix
House Remix
All Mixes (35 MB)

Peter Presta & Billy Brown ft. Sarah Mattea - I Want You (Radio Mix)

The S factor - Hard To Get (1997)

The "S" in S Factor refers to Sharyn Maceren who recorded the vocals for this track but was not listed on the release. This was a Slammin' Sam Maxion project.

Maximum Mix - Club
Maximum Mix - Radio
Boommin's Mixshow Dub
S & M Samples
Free At Last Mix - Club
Free At Last Mix - Radio
All Mixes (40 MB)

Pam Russo - Hold Tight (1989)

This was released in 1989 on 4th & Broadway. Produced by Shedrick Guy and Guy Vaughn, who also wrote the song with Pam. Remixed by Aldo Marin and edits by Roger Pauletta and Benji Candelario.

Club Mix
House Mix
Radio Edit
House Edit
Club Dub
House Dub
All Mixes (69 MB)

Jaidie - So Far Away (1994)

Produced by Victor Franco for Cutting Records in 1994. Edits by Albert Cabrera and Rob Kellman.

Extended Club Mix
Club Remix
Radio Version
Lejos De Ti (Salsa Album Mix)
Razor Bladed Rascal
Bonus Beats
All Mixes (46 MB)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Elan & The Power Machine - Here's Your Hat (1992)

Man do I love this record. Todd Terry was one of the very few who could blend the lines between freestyle and house and make it work. Vocals by Eileen Irizarry on the A side mixes and Feel It. The Love Change dub features Marc Anthony. This was released on Todd Terry's Freeze label in 1992.

Here's Your Hat (Power Mix)
Here's Your Hat (Radio Mix)
Love Change (Rub A Dub Mix
Feel It (Far Away Mix)
All Mixes (40 MB)

Del Sol - Tell Me Boy/Tell Me Girl (1993)

This is another Adam Marano project featuring Denine and Anthony Monteleone on lead vocals. I always thought of this Dreamboy/Dreamgirl part II. It was mixed by Rob Federici and released through Viper/Metropolitan.

Gino's Club
Perry's Bonus
All Mixes (24 MB)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

(REQ) Alé - Stop Me If I Fall In Love (1990)

I know someone requested this awhile back, so here you go. Better late than never I guess. Alé was part of the original lineup of Exposé along with Sandee. This was produced by Bob Steele, Bruce Carbone, Carlos Rodgers and Larry Yasgar with Justin Strauss handling the remix duties. I believe this was one of the last records edited by the late Chep Nuñez.

12" Club Mix (The Justin Strauss Remix)
12" Dub (The Dub)
House Mix (The Just Right Mix)
House Dub (The Just Right Dub)
All Mixes (54 MB)

Carol Lynn Townes - 99 1-2 (1984)

One of my favorites from the early 80's. This was from the soundtrack to the Breakin' movie. No disrespect to Turbo and Ozone, but everyone knows Beat Street was the real sh*t.

Club Mix
Dub Version
All Mixes (17 MB)

Iris Chacon - Am I A Tease b/w Te Quiero Asi (1989)

I can still remember everyone talking about this single before it was released. I believe it was her first english single but I can't say for sure. I don't think the record lived up to all the hype but I always liked it. Iris Chacon was the original big booty latina. Sorry J-Lo. I'll have to get the a scan of the cover up later :-)

Am I A Tease (Radio Mix)
Am I A Tease (Club Mix)
Te Quiero Asi (Radio Mix)
Te Quiero Asi (Club Mix)
All Mixes (35 MB)

Check out this old clip from YouTube

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

(REPOST) Nas-T Boyz - The Search (1991)

Reposting with new links...

Radio Mix
Searching For Club
Planet Radio Mix
Search For House
CBO Rub A Dub Dub
All Mixes (39 MB)

TKA - Louder Than Love b/w Is It Love (Import) (1991)

Here's the longer version of Louder Than Love from the import single. The B-side also had a longer version of Is It Love than the version on the album.

Louder Than Love
Is It Love
All Mixes (19 MB)

(REPOST) Fascination - Don't You Think It's Time (1987)

Reposting with new links...

Dance Mix
7" Mix
Dub Mix
All Mixes (48 MB)

Monday, September 22, 2008

(REPOST) Joey Kid - Counting The Days (1990)

Reposting with new links...

Radio Dance Mix
Pumpin' Club Mix
House-Hip Mix
Radio House Mix
All Mixes (27 MB)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

C-Bank ft. Diamond Eyes - I Won't Stop Loving You (1986)

Produced by Mickey Garcia and Elvin Molina in 1986. This time featuring Diamond Eyes (Marilyn Rodriguez) as the vocalist. I can't believe this song is over 20 years old already!

Club Mix
Radio Version
All Mixes (37 MB)

Annette - I Still Love You (1993)

From 1993, produced by Adam Marano and Rob Federici.

I Still Love You Club
Love Radio
Bonus Beats
All Mixes (23 MB)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

(REPOST) Nas-T Boyz - What I'm Feeling

Repost from the Nas-T Boyz. Written, produced, mixed and edited by the CBO team (Eric "Chunky" Ponce, Charlie "Babie" Rosario & Oscar "Dutch/Scar" Pabon).

Radio Mix
Club Mix
CBO Bonus Mix
Hip-Swing Mix
Nasty House Mix
All Mixes (30 MB)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Maribell - Don't Make Me Promises (1991)

Some nice mixes on this 12", seven in all. Technical credits to Nelson "FFWD" Cruz, Tommy Uzzo, John Bastianelli, Mike Lorello, The Blade Runners and backing vocals by Debbie Cole. That's a pretty nice lineup there. Released in 1991 through Nelson's imprint on MicMac Records.

Radio 7"
Club Mix
You Promised Me A Dub
Euro-House Mix
You Promised Me A 4X4 Dub Mix
All Mixes (67 MB)

(REQ) Nayobe - It's Too Late (1988)

Here's the club mix of Nayobe. Produced by Andy "Panda" Tripoli and Bobby Khozouri. Remix by Little "Louie" Vega and keys by Mac Quayle. I'll try and get the rest up later.

Club Mix

(REQ) Judy Torres - Every Little Lie (1993)

By request, Every Little Lie was the second single from Judy Torres' second album titled My Soul. The original cut was a Liggett/Barbosa production. The single features mixes by Carlos Berrios and of course Liggett/Barbosa.

After Dark's Kickin' Club Mix
A Tale From The Darkside Mix
Where's The Beat Mix
Ligosa Club Mix
Ligosa Dub Mix
Sing It Miss Thing/Phat Beats Mix
All Mixes (55 MB)

(REQ) Saige - Show Me The Way (1992)

By request, a Todd Terry production from 1992. Denise Rosado was the vocalist.

Club Mix
Radio Mix
I Could Learn (Remix)
Learn To Love
All Mixes (45 MB)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

(REQ) TKA - Louder Than Love (1990)

I will double-check over the weekend because I think I might have a bootleg mix. For now this is what I have on my drive.

Album Version

DJ MIC-E-B Remix
The Phlexican Edit Mix
Tony Swing - Más Que El Amor (Spanish Version)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(REQ) Jason Tomi - Cry For Love (1991)

From the king of freestyle backing vocals, this was released on Ligosa Records in 1991. I have always preferred the version from George LaMond's album released a year later, but it seems a lot of people like Jason's better.

Club Mix
Dub Mix
Radio Edit
Beats And Doors
All Mixes (45 MB)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vienna - I Should Have Known (1991)

An Owen Soba production from 1991 on Cutting Records. This guy made some nice beats and breaks back in the day. Kelly Brewer is credited as the vocalist with additional credits to Carlos Berrios and Herb Powers.

Club Mix
Breakdown Beats
O.S. Breakdown Dub
B-Side Instrumental
Pump My Break
Club Version Beats
All Mixes (44 MB)

(REQ) Judy Torres - Love You, Will You Love Me (1989)

I noticed someone had requested this on the old site. Produced by the MGEM crew (Mickey & Elvin) from MicMac and released through Profile Records in 1989. Edits by the "legendary" Tony Garcia.

Hard Love Mix
Soft Love Mix
LP Mix
House You Mix
Funk Me Mix
All Mixes (58 MB)