Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I will try and get some X-Mas music up in the next couple of days, hopefully B4 the 25th :-) and also few of the requests I already have ripped. I added a new site in the link section to Brad's blog. Check it out here --> Freestyle Project

Lydia Lee - I Do Love You (1991)

Produced by Hector "Ziggy" Gonzalez and released in 1991 through Moon Roof/Freeze Records. I assume this is the same Lydia who sang Don't Take Your Love Away.

Radio Mix
Club Mix
Red Zone Revival Mix
Club-Dub Mix
Chip-Chop Bits
All Mixes (48 MB)

Tony Marino - Scars On My Heart b/w Don't Say No Tonite (1994)

Another release from Tony Marino, also produced by Tolga. The b-side track is a downtempo number which just doesn't do it for me. It sounds like it should be 10-15 bpm faster.

Scars On My Heart
Don't Say No Tonite
All Mixes (15 MB)

Tony Marino - Love You Feel (1989)

From 1989 on Futura International Records. Produced, mixed and edited by Tolga.

Club Mix
Radio Mix
House Mix
Vocal Dub
All Mixes (39 MB)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christina Marie - Turning Away (2001)

This was put out in 2001 on VazRam Records, which I assume stands for Mario Vazquez and Pete Ramirez, who were the EP's on this record. Lead vocals by Christina Marie Rubino.

VR's Freestyle Mix
House Mix
Club Remix
Bonus Beats
All Mixes (27 MB)

TKA - One Way Love (1986)

This was released in 1986 by TKA, freestyle's biggest male group. I have always thought of them as the Run-DMC of freestyle music. A typical setup for them with Joey Gardner as EP and The Latin Rascals doing some production.

"The Nest" Mix
All Mixes (28 MB)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tony G. - Tony's Song (1988)

Make room for the bad guy. This was put out by Tony "Dr. Edit" Garcia in 1988 and was inspired by the movie Scarface. Nelson Pinero assumes the role of Tony Montana on the record.

Club Mix
All Mixes (44 MB)