Monday, March 31, 2008

Will To Power - Fading Away (1988)

This release includes 4 mixes by one of my all time favorite producer/remixers, Shep Pettibone. This guy was in so much demand back in the day. My faves are the mixes on the B side.

Power House Mix
Power House Dub
Big Beat Mix
The Rhythm Dub

Various Artists - Hot 103 FM Anniversary Album (1987)

This album was released in 1987 through Warlock Records to celebrate the one year anniversary of Hot 103 FM. It was a compilation of hits that were receiving frequent airplay at the station and includes tracks by the Cover Girls, TKA and Safire.

Side A
Stacey Q. - We Connect
Joyce Sims - All In All
Monet - My Heart Gets All The Breaks
Information Society - Running

Side B
Cover Girls - Show Me
TKA - One Way Love
Timex Social Club - Rumors
Safire - Don't Break My Heart

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Atilla - Want To Love (1993)

This was produced by Tolga and Atilla and released back in 1993 through Ventura International Records.

Extended Club Mix
Freestyle Radio
Radio Mix
House Mix
Turk's Dub
Suzan's Freestyle Mix

Bridgette - Number One (1990)

A Bassment Records release from 1990 produced by Craig Bevan. Bassment Records released the same single with Cindy Janson doing the vocals a few years earlier. I like that version better and will post it if I can find the record.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Noel/Noella - Silent Morning/Lonely Days (1987)

The song Silent Morning was released in 1987 on 4th & Broadway Records and went on to become a monster hit for Noel. The song was produced by Vito Bruno, Roman Ricardo and Paul Robb of Information Society fame. Remix credits went to "Little" Louie Vega and David Cole added some keyboard work.

Taking a page from the world of rap music, the song spawned one of the few, if only, "response" records in freestyle music. The song Lonely Days was released shortly thereafter by the aptly titled Noella. The latter was a Charlie "Rock" Jiminez production with edits by Carlos "After Dark" Berrios.



A remix of Silent Morning was issued on X-Mix Dance Series Vol. 19. It was done by Lenny Bertoldo and is one of the best house remixes of a freestyle song ever, IMHO.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Nas-T Boyz - What I'm Feeling

One more from the Nas-T Boyz. Another great release from the short lived Onna Roll records. This one was also written, produced, mixed and edited by the CBO team (Eric "Chunky" Ponce, Charlie "Babie" Rosario & Oscar "Dutch/Scar" Pabon).

Radio Mix
Club Mix
CBO Bonus Mix
Hip-Swing Mix
Nasty House Mix

REQ: Nice & Wild - Diamond Girl (1986)

Here we have one of the all-time greatest freestyle jams. I had a buddy who was visiting Florida at the time this was released and he came back raving about a song called Diamond Girl. I finally found the record at the store about a month later. The group was comprised of David, Remy and John Minnis. Each of the members went on to release a few solo singles and John re-recorded the track in 1993, but none of their efforts quite matched the success or staying power of this song.

Diamond Girl (Vocal/Disco Version)
Diamond Girl (Vocal/Radio Version)
Emu 1 (Vocal)
Emu 2 (Vocal)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pink Noise - Give Me Energy b/w I Gotta Bigga D_ck (1989)

A Musto & Bones production from 1989. Obviously more house than freestyle, but I've always loved these tracks. The title hook samples from Shannon - Give Me Tonight and Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy). You can also hear snippets of Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - Joy & Pain and other tracks as well. The B side is basically different mixes of the same track with the added expletive. Writing credits on the B side are listed as Dick Hertz. Ha Ha!

Give Me Energy (Energetic Club Mix)
Give Me Energy (Hyper Dub Mix)
I Gotta Bigga D_ck (Loco Pinga Club Mix)
I Gotta Bigga D_ck (Bigga Brooklyn Bass Beat)

Stevie B. - Party Your Body (1987)

This is the song that put Stevie B. on the map. Written and produced by Stevie himself, with edits and programming by Tolga. This was released back in 1987, and Stevie continues to tour and make music 20 years later. One of the few old school artists who is still kicking around.

Vocal Dub

Jeremy - All Alone (1995)

This was produced by Tolga Katas and released in 1995 on Summit Records. It's a bad pressing on the vinyl unfortuneately...but here it is nonetheless.

Club Mix
Instrumental Edit
Radio Mix
Vocal Dub
Bonus Mix

REQ: Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love)

By request, this release is packed with 8 mixes!!! I was too lazy to post individually, so it's all or nothing. This track was produced by Tommy Uzzo, Mike Lorello and the great Nelson "FFWD" Cruz. The B side house mixes are very reminiscent of the Black Box sound, in particular the track Everybody Everybody.

Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love) (7'' Radio Mix)
Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love) (Club Mix)
Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love) (Your Dub)
Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love) (Woody-Perc-A-Pella)
Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love) (Surrender Your House)
Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love) (Everybody Surrender Your House Dub)
Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love) (I Surrender To Your Underground Mix)
Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love) (Underground Reprise)

Clear Touch - Surrender (All Mixes)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

REQ: Around The Way - Really Into You

Not freestyle by any means and I don't have the single, but it was included in Wicked Mix release Vol. 22. It samples the classic track Just The Two Of Us by Grover Washington.

Really Into You (Wicked Mix)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tony "Dr. Edit" Garcia - Don't Let Me Go b/w Baby It's You (1988 - 1991)

One of the busiest producer's in freestyle, this is a double-dose from Tony "Dr. Edit" Garcia. The A side features Wickett Rich with Don't Let Me Go and the B side includes Baby It's You by Edee which was originally released a few years prior. Tony founded High Power Records while his brother Mickey Garcia was one of the founders of MicMac Records.

Don't Let Me Go - Alternative Club
Don't Let Me Go - Freestyle Club
Baby It's You - Club Mix

Zavier - Emotional Pain (1991)

This is another "Naughty" Norty Cotto and Yianni Papadopoulos collaboration with Zavier handling the vocals. This was released on Sneak Tip Records in 1991. Nice beats on this one.

Club Mix
Radio Mix
Dub Mix
Accapella Mix

Giggles - Memories Of Love (1994)

There were a couple of different "Giggles" vocalists, but I think it is Maria Respeto on this track. Written and produced by Charlie "Rock" Jiminez with edits by Carlos Berrios and Henry Santos. Charlie also provides backing vocals along with Debbie Cole. This was released on Cutting Records back in 1994.

Club Version
Radio Version
Dub Version
Bonus Breaks

Fascination - Don't You Think It's Time (1987)

One of Todd "The God" Terry's productions from 1987. Fascination was one of my favorite freestyle artists and this was her second single and second project with Todd. Great mixes on this 12" featuring work by Masters At Work, Gail "Sky" King, Manny Lehman, Bad Boy Orchestra and of course the man with a 1,000 aliases. My favorite has always been the Transformer mix.

New Links Here

Cherokee - Calling On Your Love (1989)

The record label reads Cheerokee but it's a typo which should read Cherokee. This was a Tolga & G.T. project from 1989 on Bianca Records.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

REQ: When In Rome - The Promise (1988)

Virgin records release from 1988. The B-side remixes were done by Freddy Bastone. A few bonus mixes included below as well.

O N Mix
O N Dub
Coliseum Mix
Vatican Dub

Sunday, March 2, 2008

REQ: Angela - All Hung Up (1985)

From Sutra Records in 1985.

All Hung Up

New Remix Series

One of the oldest remix service companies is putting out a new Freestyle remix series. Hot Tracks was bought out by Select Mix a few years ago and just released the debut issue of Freestyle Tracks. The original Hot Tracks label had mixers like Chris Cox, 1/2 of the now defunct Thunderpuss remix duo, and Cameron Paul, who later went on to start the Mixx-It remix service. I will post some older freestyle remixes from the various remix services in the next couple of weeks.

Denine - Tearshed '93 (1993)

From Viper 7/Metropolitan Records, here is Denine's remake of Tear Shed by MKG ft. Emery Torres. In addition, I've included the original full length version and the house mixes.

Schommer Club
B-96 Radio Edit
Power 96 Mix
Freejack Mix

REQ: Nas-T Boyz - The Search (1991)

By request, The Search by the Nas-T Boyz (Twilight, Jay Love & Kid Smurf) with backing vocals from Deborah Cole and production from Oscar "Dutch" Pabon, Eric "Chunky" Ponce & Charlie "Babie" Rosario.

Radio Mix
Searching For Club
Planet Radio Mix
Search For House
CBO Rub A Dub Dub