Tuesday, September 30, 2008

(REQ) Leather & Lace ft. Lottie Dah - Rock Me, Shake Me (1986) & Isis - Salsa With Me (1988)

Kenny: Almost forgot about these two. I already had these ripped from awhile back so no scans except for Leather & Lace which I pulled from Discogs. Thanks to mardss for putting up Let Your Body Go in the C-Box.

Isis - Salsa With Me (33 MB)
Leather & Lace - Rock Me, Shake Me (27 MB)
Leather & Lace - Let Your Body Go (34 MB)


mardss said...

Once again thanks Kangle, very good to put those contributions on your blog. The simple Isis is tremendous! Greetings from Venezuela ...

MastrChief07 said...

There's nothing like the classics. I never heard the Isis Salsa With Me believe or not. thank you for uploading them.


Ola Boa noite, vi o link do Lather E ALce e tá dando erro, teria como repostar novamente,