Sunday, July 22, 2007

Trinere & Friends: Greatest Hits

This compilation should really be called the best of "Pretty Tony" Butler. Tony was an up and coming DJ/Producer who recorded "electro" style tracks with his group Freestyle. That sound was very similar to the early freestyle sound and Tony would eventually venture into that realm of music. His biggest hits came with Debbie Deb and Trinere, who are both featured on this disc. I always thought Trinere never received her due. She was one of very few freestyle artists with a powerful voice that could actually carry a tune. Debbie Deb recorded the standards Lookout Weekend and When I Hear Music, which still receive heavy airplay to this very day on the weekend mixshows. Janet Jackson recorded a version of Lookout Weekend which she had posted on her website for awhile. The beat was not that bad but her vocals were awful.

DL link taken down.

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