Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Finally Here!!!

The much anticipated double CD release of NEW freestyle material produced by the one and only Carlos "After Dark" Berrios is available now. Consider it a late Christmas present folks. It's been quite some time since I have been this pumped about a new release, but there just isn't that much excitement in the world of freestyle these days. At least until now.

There is a mix of established veterans, from George LaMond, Willie Valentin and Lisette Melendez, to "relatively" unknowns, like Emma Collado and Jessica Fabus. Emma and Jessica who? Get the CD and you'll know what I mean. Jessica's track is my clear favorite thus far from the few I have heard. There are also a few Spanish tracks included in the lineup (see full track listing below).

The CD's are out now and Carlos has stated he will make digital downloads available sometime in the future, but not for at least a few weeks. So the CD's are the only option for right now. I will try and get his permission to post snippets from the sampler he put together so you can hear some of the material before ordering.

I ordered from the Amazon store but you can also purchase using PayPal on eBay. It will probably be another month or so before you can get them on iTunes.

or here

Session One:
1. The Jump Off (feat. K7)
2. You Better Stop (feat. Bethaney)
3. I've Been Waiting (feat. Willie Valentin)
4. Physical Attraction (feat. Nyasia)
5. Veronica (feat. Tomax)
6. Do You Want It Right Now (feat. Joei Mae)
7. Obviously (feat. Jessica Fabus)
8. I Need A Lover (feat. Lisette Melendez)
9. I Can't Go On (feat. Joei Mae)
10. You Left Me (feat. Miles Petty)
11. Se Marcho (feat. Katya)
12. The Ultimate Edit Battle (Part One)

Session Two:
1. What Is Love (feat. George LaMond)
2. For Your Eyes Only (feat. Joei Mae)
3. Light Of My Life (feat. Ron Esco)
4. No Hay Nada (feat. Katya)
5. Let It Go (feat. Miles Petty)
6. Don't Ever Say (feat. Lisette Melendez)
7. Walking Away (feat. Emma Collado)
8. I'm Torn (feat. Synthia Figueroa)
9. Rescue Me (feat. Julie Carrozzi)
10. No Lo Niegues (feat. Tomax)
11. Sexy Boy (feat. Connie Lapera)
12. The Ultimate Edit Battle (Part Two)

I'll post a full review once I receive my CD's.


TruFreestylr said...

Ya gotta get these cd's! Heard snippets of a couple of songs in a medley and it's sick. Especially the song by George LaMond. This is what Freestyle should always sound like!

Kangle said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm actually digging the Jessica Fabus song even more than George's. Both are outstanding tracks nonetheless and the album should not disappoint.