Friday, August 22, 2008

Repost: Bridgette - Number One (1990)

By request another repost. Co-written, produced, engineered and mixed by Craig Bevan. This song was originally released a few years earlier on the same label by Cindy Janson.

All Mixes (34 MB)


Sidney said...

WOW! Thank you for this! I have been looking for this song FOREVER, and I didn't know who sang it or anything; and actually this is still not the right version. It must be the Cindy Janson version I'm really looking for. I at least now know who sings it , and that will make it that much easier to find it. Thank you again. By the way, do you HAVE the Cindy Janson version? If you uploaded that, THAT would be AWESOME!

Kangle said...

I had it at one point but can't seem to find it. I'll take another look this weekend.

Kangle said...

I found a second copy of this one but still no Cindy. I know I have it but I can't seem to find it.

SidV said...

Hey Kangle, thanks for searching. I did actually manage to find a copy of one of the mixes Cindy did.

Anonymous said...

Btw, I don't know the Cindy version, just thanks for the Bridgette version. The house mix rocks! This is the first time I ever found it since I taped it off a radio mix show in 1990 or something when it first came out. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I have also been looking for this song for about 21 years. I also taped it off of the radio station I was listening to back in 1990 and I never was able to find the name of the song (which I believed was "number one") or the artist who sang it. It was played just that once and I happened to be recording at the time. Anyway, do you have the Bridgette version of the song you can post so I can make sure it is the one I am thinking of? One of my co-workers found the song by Cindy Janson and it is the right song, but just sounds a little off from the version I have on cassette tape. I wanted to get this on cd (hopefully Itunes has it). Thanks so much.