Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vienna - I Should Have Known (1991)

An Owen Soba production from 1991 on Cutting Records. This guy made some nice beats and breaks back in the day. Kelly Brewer is credited as the vocalist with additional credits to Carlos Berrios and Herb Powers.

Club Mix
Breakdown Beats
O.S. Breakdown Dub
B-Side Instrumental
Pump My Break
Club Version Beats
All Mixes (44 MB)


Anonymous said...

love this song. the producer had a few hits, if this was released earlier it would have been another hit for O.S.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY hope you still are managing this blogspot :) I have been desperately searching for this song & mixes. If possible can you please re upload... Please :)
Thank you so much in advance. Have a great weekend.